Critical Graphic Design Theory Course //



The lecture started by an introduction to the theoretical and critical studies of graphic design. We then discussed the term theory, which refers to system of ideas or set of principles that is intended to express a specific concept.

In an industry where design is rapidly changing it is important to analyze the tools provided by previous creators and utilize them accordingly.

Following through the lecture, we were given study options to choose from, which contained different elements in graphic design based on subjects that interests us as inspiring designers. These topics are going to highlight our individual interests in this course by giving us the possibility to assess each subject in-depth. What I think is interesting is the study of visual perception and the effect that it has on the spectators. As a result of this critical study we will also be provided with basic key knowledge and approaches to the field of graphic design.

We were then asked to define the word “critical”. In my opinion, being critical does not necessary suggest that one should criticize or cast judgments on certain ideas or prinicples, but rather reflect and reference them.



SWOT analysis based on assumptions made from first day at CTS term 2  Critical Graphic Design Theory course. 

Strength –  Diverse subjects, input and contributions, feedback, reflecting on ideas and      design within in the field of graphic design.

Weakness – Not enough time

Opportunities – Discover individuality, explore methods and techniques, develop          fundamental of design practice. visual problem solving.

Threats – Short course.  Not enough explanations will be given in regards to final essay.


Critical approach to design: