Color and Typeface

Underground Logo

The London underground logo trademark has strategically been designed to help passengers distinguish between locations. Edward Johnston, a typeface specialist designed this timeless typeface in 1913, which has become easily recognizable as a font that represents London. The typeface Sanserif combined with the union flag colors has a classic identity that is hard to miss from miles away. 



Peter Miles, an art director based in New York City designed the new logo for the French fashion house Celine in 2008. The new logo described as “contemporary minimalism” by Celine’s creative director Phoebe Philo, which was clearly intended for its modern target audience. Celine’s new typeface is Semplicita (1931), which was designed by an Italian type creator Alessandro Butti.

Hannes Famira, was commissioned by Miles in 2005 to reconstruct and update the font for its envisioned purposes. The black color against a white empty background evokes authoritativeness yet the simplicity of its typeface conveys are classic aesthetic.



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