Cinema as an eye

This term can be translated in many ways depending on how cinema is perceived, but in my personal opinion, I regard cinema as a visual storytelling tool offered through someone else’s perceptiveness. We receive graphic impressions through projection of lights and use our senses as instruments to comprehend the stories. As observers we are placed in an immobilized position over our mental and emotional state when a film is being unfolded before us. However, we are also a part of the equation that will complete the storyline. A movie will not meet its objective without the presence of the spectators.

Frequently, a movie is constructed with the intention of allowing its audience to follow the characters from different angles in attempt to include them in their experiences. At times, the natures of these mental images are closely related to our previous occurrences and therefore sometimes our subjectivity can be challenged.

American film director and producer Martin Scorsese has exhibited a trademark editing by filming his character’s eyes from a very close up positions. These types of shots establish a sense of understanding of a particular characters intention. It also enables us to contribute a certain level of emotional participation with the actors throughout the film.


One comment

  1. excellent – but now you need to demonstrate that you are aware of the theoretical context in which your ideas sit. ie the film theory that supports / challenges your personal opinon. in a nutshel – you need to add some relevant research sources.

    we have a class on the close-up which will be a super support to the ideas in the last paragraph / video compilation.

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