Enter or Exit!

As mentioned in our previous lecture, Cinema as a door is pretty self-explanatory. Basically, it is a metaphorical approach to a world of visual stories that the audience can unfold and unwrap through a characters eye. With the reference to the movie Hotel Chevalier, one key factor was perceived when Jason Schwartzman’s character Jack opened the door and his ex girlfriend played by Natalie Portman arrived in the screen. Considering that particular moment it was clear to us observers that her character would unit a piece of the story. A moment of silent communication was also noticeable when Jack confronted her about the bruises on her body. She obviously chose not to intricate him with an answer. Simultaneously, this approach opened and closed another allegorical door, which notably was left to the spectators personal interpretation.


An experienced director, I believe will have a keen interest in storytelling, who also separates reality with the illusion of cinema. A great story plot will blend these concepts additionally by crossing of boundaries. The screen should be a threshold to series of imaginations and dreams. In my personal opinion, a movie has accomplished its objectives by being a representative of our reality and experiences, but remains abstract enough.

Figuratively speaking, a door is a universal way of entering a new world. To elaborate, this can be in form of moving to a new country, starting or departing a profession, meeting a new person or the birth of a child. These are symbolically doors to a different  advances in life which may or many not offer new possibilities. Some doors are welcoming while others are straightforward slammed in your face but however we enter, we are prepared for the unexpected and the unknown. 





  1. Good – although i think the idea of cinema as a door opens up more possibilities for thought than your opening line suggests. saying that something is pretty ‘self-explanatory’ tends to shut down the enquiry. Your proceeding text acually prooves that we you have been able to explain the role of the door in cinema in more ways than I, my-self could. Good example with Hotel Chevalier – would have been great if you had included a relevant image (plus annotation) … here: if cinema is a door – what is the Hotel?

    1. I thought the following sentence after my opening line explained what I was suggesting by “self-explanatory”. I have also included a link to Hotel Chevalier, but I can add a picture as well.

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